The Reality Virtually Hackathon is returning to the inspirational MIT Media Lab with the same goals as last year: attendees will meet new people, be exposed new ideas and build creative and original applications that will deepen our understanding of AR and VR. Unconventional thinking by multidisciplinary teams will explore new and yet to be discovered applications. 

About 400 participants will be accepted from a field of 2,000 applicants. More experienced attendees will build new applications and hopefully, they will be creating new ingenious new VR and AR use cases that no one has yet implemented.

Last year, the largest-ever immersive hackathon on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) attracted sponsors like Samsung, Microsoft, AT&T, Google and HTC VIVE. The 2016 hackathon featured projects from participants in education, healthcare, entertainment and storytelling, commerce and industry, human/social interaction, and many more fields.

Loaner devices from the top platform companies will be available for check-out during the hackathon.

A day of skill-building workshops on AR and VR design, development, and platforms will be held on October 6, 2017. Workshops will feature speakers covering hardware, development methodologies, and immersive design concepts. On the last day, a public expo will showcase the projects submitted by hackathon participants, culminating in an award ceremony for the top submission selected by the judging panel. AR/VR designers, developers, sound engineers, graphic artists, domain experts, and enthusiasts are invited to apply for the hackathon here.


Open for everyone over 18

Hackathon Sponsors


$31,000 in prizes

Grand Prize in VR

Grand Prize in VR

Second Prize in VR

Grand Prize in AR

Grand Prize in web VR

Best Everyday Mobile AR Hacks - 1st

Best Everyday Mobile AR Hacks - 2nd

Best Everyday Mobile AR Hacks - 3rd

1st Prize in Healthcare and medicine category

1st Prize in Film & Advertisement

1st Prize in Gaming/Entertainment

1st Prize in Education, AR & VR for good

1st Prize in Architecture, Engineer, Construction

Best Object Augmentation

Best Microsoft Mixed Reality project

Best use of Merge VR

Merge VR sponsored 2nd prize

Best use of Theta camera

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


A multidisciplinary team of 25 judges will judge the ~70 submissions

A multidisciplinary team of 25 judges will judge the ~70 submissions

Judging Criteria

  • innovativeness
    The application should demonstrate innovativeness

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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